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Slippers for Children

Animal Slippers and Traditional Slippers for Children

Children's slippers are an important aspect of your child's wardrobe. Slippers for children are available in a variety of styles including animal slippers, character slippers and traditional styles. Some slippers are slip on or slip in. This means you simply slide the foot in or slide the slipper on. Others are pull on which means they will be sock style or cuff style. There is a cuff near the ankle.

For girls Barbie slippers, Dora the Explorer slippers and kitten or bunny slippers are popular. For boys Spiderman slippers, SpongeBob slippers and animal slippers are very popular. Many styles such as those featuring Sponge Bob or animals are suitable for both boys and girls. Children's slippers not only will keep their feet warm they will protect, provide traction and reduce slipping. Having one or two pair is suggested.

Our Favorite Animal Slippers And Character Slippers for Children

Horse Slippers for Toddlers

Dalmatian Slippers for Toddlers and Girls

Pink Polka Dot Thong Slippers for Toddlers and Girls

Cars Tow Mater Slippers for Boys

Leopard Thong Slippers for Toddlers and Girls

Dark Pink Jeweled Thong Slippers for Toddlers and Girls

Barbie Sock Top Slippers for Toddler Girls

Brown Dog Slippers for Infants

Fuzzy Monkey Slippers for Toddlers

Fuzzy Light Green Frog Slippers for Toddlers

Ballet Pink Slippers with Tutu for Toddler Girls

Duck Slip On Slippers for Toddlers