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Stickers and Sticker Collections

Stickers can be used in many ways. Some children like to collect stickers in books or albums while others like to use them to decorate items such as poster boards and notebooks. If your child is interested help them start a sticker collection by placing stickers in an album, on paper or decorate plastic containers. Children also like to trade or share stickers with friends.

Stickers for Children Have Many Uses

If you have younger children keep a stash of stickers to use as rewards or for quick and easy activity. Reward stickers can be placed on a chart or simply given to a child for them to use as they like. Throw a few stickers in a bag along with a couple sheets of paper and crayons. Put this bag aside and use it to keep children entertained while on car trips or waiting in restaurants and doctor offices.

Stickers can also be used for arts and craft activities. Use stickers to decorate crafts like picture frames, bookmarks and door knob hangers. Thousands of stickers are available, including fast start sticker collections. Disney stickers, Spiderman stickers, Circus stickers and animal stickers are great for all children. Character stickers are very popular with many children. Character stickers from shows are popular with all children including sometimes hard to find characters like George Shrinks, Caillou, Nemo, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast and more.

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