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Stuffed Cows

Plush stuffed cows are great. They are soft and cuddly and sure to please most any child. The Big Mooty, shown below, is a large soft floppy toy cow that can double as a pillow while watching television or relaxing with a favorite book.

Big Mooty Floppy Plush Cow

Our Favorite Stuffed Cows

Little Mooty Floppy Plush Cow

A smaller version of the Big Mooty, this soft floppy plush cow is perfect to take everywhere.

Douglas Milkshake Plush Cow

Adorable soft stuffed cow that is sure to be a favorite.

Plush Stuffed Cow

Moo is a soft stuffed plush toy Cow.

Gund Mooly Plush Brown Cow

Stuffed Holstein Cow

Clovis Moosdale Stuffed Cow