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Stuffed Plush Dogs

Whether you have a dog for a pet or not stuffed dogs make great gifts for any child. They are perfect just sitting on a shelf in a child's bedroom. Many children will find a stuffed dog very comforting and will often fall asleep holding their favorite stuffed dog.

Stuffed Plush Moonie Shih Tzu Dog

Russ Vintage Hush Puppy

Stuffed Plush Sheltie

Stuffed dogs also make a great gift for the adult who has a pet or who once had a beloved pet. Just as children find the realistic lifelike dogs comforting, elderly or infirmed also find comfort in them. They make wonderful gifts for any one. These plush dogs are lifelike and beautiful for play or to display. Please also see our favorite stuffed retrievers, spaniels and shepherds.

Our Favorite Stuffed Dogs

Stuffed Plush Life Size Pug

Stuffed Plush Sheep Dog

Stuffed Plush Lhasa Apso

Floppy Stuffed Saint Bernard
Stuffed Dogs - Stuffed Poodle
Stuffed Plush Black Poodle Dog

Stuffed Plush Labradoodle
Stuffed dogs - Stuffed Shih Tzu
Stuffed Plush Shih Tzu Handbag

Stuffed Plush King Charles Cavalier Handbag
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier Handbag