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Plush Stuffed Frogs and Toads and The Platypus

Stuffed frogs stuffed toads may not catch insects but some look like they're ready to. The stuffed toads and frogs are cute and make a great addition to any collection. The platypus is just so cute we had to include him.

Stuffed Plush Toad

A premium quality stuffed toad from Folkmanis that doubles as a hand puppet! Movable Tongue. 13 Inches Long.

Frido Plush Frog

A big plump partially bean filled plush frog with personality from Gund. 10 Inches Long.

GIANT Stuffed Plush Red-Eyed Tree Frog

A BIG Soft Tree Frog from the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Collection. 30 Inches Long.

Stuffed Plush Platypus
A gorgeous life-like plush platypus from Fiesta Toy. 18 Inches Long.