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Plush Stuffed Horse

Plush stuffed horses are great to display or play with. The beauty of horses is captured in these stuffed horses with long tails and beautiful manes. These are great for any child or horse lover.

Stuffed horse - Chestnut Horse
Douglas 21" Long Kohair Autumn Chestnut Horse

Several types of stuffed horses are available. Some stuffed horses will be posed standing or laying down and others are flopsy style. No matter which style of stuffed toy horses you choose they are cuddly soft.

Our Favorite Stuffed Horses

Douglas 22" Long Floppy Cloud Dancer Paint Horse

Jaag® Classic Designs 9" Palomino Horse
Stuffed appaloosa horse
Douglas 9" Tall Kohair Uma Appaloosa Horse
Black and white toy stuffed horse
Douglas 9" Tall Kohair Hobo Black & White Horse
Black and white spotted stuffed horse
Douglas 22" Long Floppy Black Hills Black & White Spotted Horse

Douglas 6" Long Lil Nuggets Legend Mini Appaloosa Horse

Ty® Beanie Babies® 8" Barley Lying Horse

Douglas 13" Tall Kohair Storm Gray Horse

Mary Meyer® Howdy Horse 12" Flip Flop