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Monkeys and Gorillas

Stuffed monkeys and stuffed chimpanzees are as popular as the monkeys in a zoo. Known for their intelligence, they are famous for their antics. Always a crowd pleaser at the zoo the stuffed monkeys shown below are sure to please any child or collector.

Plush Stuffed Chimpanzees

Stuffed Plush Capuchin Stuffed Monkey

Soft plush Capuchin Monkey. This stuffed monkey is 10 inches sitting.

Stuffed Plush Large Silverback Gorilla

From the Conservation Collection at Wildlife Artists.

Cuddle Factory Gordo Stuffed Gorilla

A big soft stuffed gorilla made from the finest quality plush 15 inches sitting.

Stuffed Plush Squirrel Monkey

Lovingly designed from portraits of real monkeys. 7 inches

Silli Gorilli Stuffed Plush Gorilla

Plump and cuddly stuffed gorilla. A premium quality plush gorilla. 10 inches sitting, 16 inches head to toe.

Stuffed Plush Lowland Gorilla

From the Wild Republic Signature Series. Highest quality plush designed by seasoned naturalists with exceptional detail and lush fabrics. 14 Inches Sitting.