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Stuffed Penguin

Penguins are a favorite at the zoo and now they can be a favorite at home.  These stuffed penguins are great for children and adults for play or display. The Emperor Penguin and the Rockhopper are adorable and lifelike.

With the popularity of movies such as Madagascar and now Happy Feet plush stuffed penguins are a welcome addition to your home zoo. We have other penguin items at Happy Feet.

stuffed emperor penguin toy
Stuffed Plush Emperor Penguin

Traditional quality from Hansa. Lovingly designed from portraits of real penguins. Hand made in small lots. 15 Inches Tall.

Stuffed Plush Rockhopper Penguin

A BIG soft life-like plush rockhopper penguin from the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Collection. 30 Inches Long.

Stuffed Plush Bridal Penguins

A pair of premium quality plush penguins in wedding attire from The Cuddle Factory. 8 Inches Tall.