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Plush Stuffed Raccoon

These stuffed raccoons are very lifelike. The intelligent yet mischievous raccoon may not be a favorite in your backyard but this one is sure to please a child or collector. the soft cuddly and lifelike raccoon is one of our favorites.

Our Favorite Stuffed Raccoon

Stuffed Plush Raccoon Baby

Beautiful life-like stuffed raccoon from Folkmanis Puppets.

Stuffed Plush Opossum

Hansa Stuffed Plush Ringtailed Cat

Stuffed Plush Badger

Stuffed Opossum, Stuffed Badger & Stuffed Ringtailed Cat

A stuffed opossum is a natural companion to your stuffed raccoon. While a live opossum might not be huggable, the stuffed opossum is very cute, soft and cuddly.

The ringtailed cat and the badger are somewhat similar in appearance to the raccoon. The stuffed ringtailed cat and stuffed badger are shown above. Like the opossum and raccoon these stuffed plush wild animals are soft and huggable, and are a great gift for any child or collector.