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Superman and the Justice League

Superman has been a superhero since 1932. Since his creation he has appeared in comic books, cartoons, movies and a television series. Originally from the planet Krypton, Superman arrived on planet earth as an infant. He was found by the Kents, adopted and given the name Clark Joseph Kent. His birth name was Kal-El.

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Superman has many super powers. Super strength, speed, x-ray vision and the ability to fly are just some them. He has always worn a similar superhero outfit although it has changed a little over the years.

What hasn't changed is his popularity. Each generation seems to take to Superman. Whether it is his humble beginning as an adopted infant, his somewhat goofy and mild manner appearance as Clark Kent, reporter, or his ability to triumph over evil, Superman remains one of the most popular superheroes for over 70 years.

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Superman and the rest of the Justice League have saved mankind endless times. The Justice League was composed of many super heroes including Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and Captain Marvel.