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The Backyardigans

The Backyardigans is another popular show geared for preschoolers.  It is a musical animated show featuring five characters who live near one another. As a group they call themselves the Backyardigans and they have many adventures in their own backyard while they are waiting for snack time. All of the adventures are because they use their imagination. This is  a great reminder to everyone that you don't need to go anywhere or have every toy to have fun and adventure.

Each character is different from the other and each has their own personality. The three boy characters in the Backyardigans are Tyrone, Pablo and Austin. Tyrone is an orange moose and is generally the calm one. Pablo is a nervous blue penguin who tends to panic. Austin is a purplish color kangaroo who is a little on the quiet side. Tasha and Uniqua are the girl characters in the Backyardigans and are best friends. Tasha is a refined yellow colored hippo who likes to be in charge. Uniqua is the only character that doesn't clearly resemble an real animal, she is almost antlike but is pink with large purple polka dots. Like Tasha she likes to be in charge. One of the more obvious differences between these two Backyardigans is that Uniqua is more of a tomboy. The characters are great friends in spite of their differences. This is another valuable lesson for children.

Each of the episodes features 3-4 songs. The songs are in all different musical styles which exposes children to a variety of musical genre. The adventures are fun and the show is very entertaining.


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