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The Doodlebops

The Doodlebops is a musical show created for preschool children. It is very poular with children as young as one and up to age five or six. The main characters are Dee Dee Doodle on keyboards, drummer Moe Doodle and Rooney Doodle on guitars. Together these teens form a rock band called the Doodlebops. With their bright colors and silly antics, the Doodlebops are entertaining. Each episode of Doodlebops also addresses a social issue and reinforces positive behaviors.

Rooney Doodle wears primarily blue and Moe Doodle is mostly yellow and orange. Dee Dee is easy to know as she is the one in pink. Their tour bus driver is known as Bus Driver Bob and he is responsible for driving the Doodlebops tour bus which  is called the "Showmobile". For additional items please visit The Doodlebops Store.