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The Wiggles

The Wiggles are are extremely popular with both children and their parents. They have an amazing ability to relate to both child and adult. Their lively and entertaining songs capture and enthrall children of all ages. Though they began as a project for their studies at Macquarie University in Sidney Australia the Wiggles have grown in popularity with no end in site. The Wiggles released their first album, titled the Wiggles, in 1991. Now 16 years later they have released 28 albums and dvds and tour throughout the world. Their sold out shows are proof of their popularity. During their shows they display and amazing energy and both children and adults are dancing in the aisles. The Wiggles put on an excellent show and if the opportunity to attend arises be sure to grab it. The Wiggles have inspired a large selection of toys, games, clothing, sheets and of course dvds and cds, visit The Wiggles Store for the best selection of Wiggles items.

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The Wiggles Characters

The Wiggles are Anthony, Jeff, Murray and Greg, though Greg is now replaced by Sam. Anthony played by Anthony Field wears the blue shirt. Jeff, played by Jeff Fatt, wears purple. Murray, the Wiggle in red, is Murray Cook. The fourth Wiggle is the Wiggle in the yellow shirt. Up until the end of November 2006 the Wiggle in the yellow shirt was Greg Page. Due to a chronic medical condition and the strenuous demands of performing in the shows Greg has handed over the yellow shirt to Sam Moran. Sam has been with the Wiggles in other capacity so he is no stranger to the group. Although Greg will be missed after 16 years of being with the Wiggles, Sam has proven to be a wonderful choice to wear the yellow shirt. Other characters are Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octupus.


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