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Toy Storage - Toy Boxes and Toy Chest

Toy storage can be a big problem in many homes. Toy boxes and toy chests can quickly solve even the most complicated situation. Add some storage bins for small items and cubbies and storage lockers and you will be on your way to organized toys! For other options see our section on Cubby Storage & Lockers. Visit Cubbies, Coat Lockers and Shelves for additional suggestions on room organization.

Prince toy box bench
Prince Toy Box Bench - Levels Of Discovery
Pink Princess toy box
Princess Toy Box Bench - Levels Of Discovery

Getting Ready to Organize Toys

Toys seem to accumulate rapidly whether you have one child or more than one. Between holidays, birthdays, hand me downs and kids fast food value meals toys can quickly get out of hand. Cull out toys your child has outgrown, pass them along to preschools, friends, shelters and similar places. Many Children's hospitals will welcome donation of toys for their pediatric wards. Your donated toys will mean a lot. Throw out broken toys and toys with missing parts. Sentimental toys can be stored away to pass along to your future grandchildren.

Now the Organize Toys

Consider the size of the room and the types of toys and games. Most likely you will find the need for both a toy box and shelves or other storage items. Larger toys will do best in a toy chest or toy box. Select a style that matches your room decor. Whether the toy chest is in a living room, play room or child's bedroom there is a large variety available. Select the style and material that best suits your decor.

In addition to the toy chest or toy box consider adding toy storage shelves or an additional toy storage unit. You may also want some small plastic bins. Into these small plastic shoeboxes put the small items such as small action figures, Barbie clothes, matchbox cars and similar sized items. Separate items and sort into boxes keeping like items together. Label each box. For younger children you can also use a picture label.

If space permits, use shelves for board games. For in the bedroom consider Under Bed Storage Drawer. Underbed storage drawers and under bed storage boxes are very useful in small rooms and any child's room.