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Toys and Games for Children

With thousands of toys and games for children available it's sometimes hard to know where to begin. Some popular choices are  educational games, character gifts and games and toys designed to get a child moving. At the left we list some sections to get you moving. We try to incorporate additional information to help you find the perfect gift.

The easiest way to browse is to consult our list at the left. Some of our most frequently visited children's toys and game pages are:


There is often a tendency for children and adults to sit at a computer or video game so outdoor games are becoming a popular way to get children outside. While video games and traditional toys are fine gifts you may wish to consider other items such as arts and crafts, puppets and more. Magazine subscriptions and books are also a nice idea for any age child.

For children with motor skill issues, developmental or sensory issues or physical challenges the choice of a game or toy might involve the need or desire to reinforce or incorporate therapy and we try to provide some additional helpful information. To give one example we discuss the use of play tunnels to help develop several skills, both physical and cognitive.

Toys R Us

Children do not need to have every toy or game, they just need a little variety.